I publish a folksy, rural lifestyle newspaper/magazine and am considering switching to Turnip for the body text. It's mainly a print paper, but also gets put on the web. What would be a good pairing for headlines? (I'm currently using Chaparral for the body and Gibson semi-bold for headlines but would like to refresh the look.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

i'd really appreciate if someone help me identify the headline font used on these covers of Playboy Poland Edition

My closest match would be Dharma Gothic - http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/flat-it/dharma-gothic/
But Iam pretty sure I see some minor differences.

Thank You

In headlines, do prepositions go at the end or at the beginning of the line? What about articles?

I’ve seen arguments for both. Some say phrases with prepositions can’t be broken because that would be against the unnatural flow. Others say a headline is better readable if each line makes sense on its own, or at least its beginning does.

Example (nevermind balancing lines, this is not the point here):

An Act to approve
the Constitution
of the United Nations
Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization


An Act to approve the
Constitution of the
United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization

I'm currently leading a redesign of the Glasgow Guardian. We're a student paper with a low budget and 100% run by volunteers.

Two competent amateurs + Adobe CS4 + the next two months = a newspaper.

I am happy to announce that after a long period of development, my type family Acorde is available for purchase at http://www.willerstorfer.com

About the typeface:
Acorde is a reliable workhorse for large, demanding design projects. It was designed to be perfectly suited to all different sizes, from small continuous text to large headlines and big signage. The typeface’s name is derived from ‘a’ ‘cor’porate ‘de’sign typeface, however Acorde is not only suitable for corporate design programmes but for information design and editorial design purposes as well.

I am happy to announce Dezen, my new release!

Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to enhance its rhythm. Its tight letter spacing and narrow proportions make the typeface particularly well suited for display sizes and headlines. When you add spacing, font can be used for shorter amount of text, bigger than 12 points.

The Dezen type family consists of a wide variety of styles – solid and stencil. The Dezen Pro subfamily combines all 4 styles (Solid, Stencil 01, Stencil 02, Stencil 03) in a specific sequence, which originates a “pattern” for the alphabet (or dezen, in Slovak).

Dezen Pro Regular is for free!

Buying information:

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