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Does anyone know of a single typeface that has sans serif, serif, stencil, and inline (or outlined) styles? Again, I'm looking for a single typeface that has all of these styles included—I know, quite a tall order, but I'm curious if one exists. Audree is the only one I know that comes close. It has a so-called normal style, but not a pure sans serif.


Lichtspiele — A typocalypse display typeface

Cinemas from the early 20th Century are called "Lichtspiele" in Germany. "Lichtspiele" transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades.

Of the 5 styles, three have two versions of italics - one for each perspective. Display is your basic style. Neon is inspired by the old neon letters found outside cinemas.
Add Neon Outline to Display or Neon to add another layer to your artwork. Neon 3D is a extruded version of Neon. Screen Credits is based on the liner notes of movie posters.

You can get it at MyFonts for a introduction price of 29,85 USD

Can somebody help with figuring out this inline.


About Heráldica Script

We are proud to add a very complex and new font to our collection.

Ornamented scripts are a Koziupa/Paul specialty, and Heraldica is one of their most expressive. It attains the very definition of deluxe by conjoining the classic thin-and-thick script treatment with thin-only counterpart strokes, then it goes the extra mile with a varied complement of overlaid flourishes. The usual assortment of multiple alternates and ending forms pushes it even further in class and versatility.

Monograms, logos, jewelry packaging and book covers are only a few of the possibilities with such a high-end script.

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Help with inline font


Can anyone ID this font? I've found some similar ones like Cyclone or Inline Letter JNL, but it's not quite. Any thoughts?

I find the font of the title of this book really nice. Still I can't really identify what font it is. It has something of a sabon, but it is an open fave and the U doesn't fit. Any idea?

The font for the "crazy ones," "status quo" and "who do" lines -- anyone know it?


Anyone knows what is this font? Thanks!!!

Can anyone identify the two fonts used in this image? Thanks.

I'm trying to find the name of this font. There is a normal, solid version of the same, but I'd really like the inline version best.

Hi Everyone,

I've been going a little crazy trying to work-out what this typeface is...

It's the David Hart & Co. logo type found on

At first glimpse i thought it was a Bondoni Condensed variant but apparently not. If anyone is able to shine some light on the matter, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

from Chris.

Please help me out...I did this YEARS ago and I can't find the editable file and I can't remember which typefaces I used. I need to know both of them (script and serif) because one of my clients wants me to use them.

thanks in advance!!!

Anyone know this Inline Sans serif? Or anything similar?

Can anyone ID this mystery font? Whatthefont did not match it


A decorative typeface with a second stroke inset within the main outline. The inline stroke is typically much thinner than the main type outline. Sub-types of inline include centered stroke and offset stroke.

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