anyone knows why this problem is happening with kerning Alef letter in single adjustment? when you duplicated the same letter you will get bigger space then smaller then bigger then smaller.. etc


what is the best way to kerning in Volt? which value should I edit? dx? or width?


When kerning fonts with both Lining and Oldstyle proportional numerals what is the generally accepted form when it comes to kerning? Are all numbers kerned with every other glyph or is it best just to kern 0-9 with all punctuation and parenteses/brackets/braces only? Interested to hear thoughts. Thanks.

I'm trying to write a program which has to parse a TTF/OTF file's KERN table, search through the subtables until it finds a format 0 subtable, and extract the kerning pairs.

It seems to work OK as long as the format 0 subtable is the first and only one (which seems to be the case for all the fonts I have). However, I have doubts about the reliability of my logic to skip past multiple subtables of differing types. I definitely need to test this functionality.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any fonts which have multiple kerning subtables. Does anyone know where I can find one? Specifically, a TrueType (or OpenType/TT) font which contains multiple subtables in the KERN directory, (and preferably where the very first subtable is not format 0).

I have a family of fonts I'm building in FontLab. They are all using the same exact kerning data and kerning classes. For some reason, one of the fonts is giving me a "serious error" in Font Book that says there is a "System Validation" error, with no further details.

I've tried taking a .vfb file from one of the working fonts, copying over glyphs from the font that's giving me trouble, and generating again. Same error. I think I've pinpointed the problem to be something kerning/class related, as if I copy/paste glyphs that AREN'T in a class and generate the font, I don't get an error in Font Book. But once I copy glyphs that are in a kerning class, I start getting the error.

I'm designing a display face in Fontlab, and I'm only creating uppercase letters. I planned on finishing the uppercase letters (metric and kerning included) and then just copy them to the lowercase letter spots so the same A shows up whether you type a or A.

However, it doesn't seem like metric and kerning data gets included when I copy and paste letters. I don't know much about Fontlab, but I would've thought I could somehow copy this data. Any ideas?

Hello everybody,

why are letter pairs like ›gy‹ and more often ›gf‹ in so many otherwise nice italic fonts so badly kerned? For example:

Williams Caslon Text Italic OT

One of the rare exceptions:

Iowan Old Style BT Pro Italic

I’ve chosen the two examples, just because I like both typefaces very much.

Some explanations for that fact?

Thank you and kind regards


Spaces need kerning too. I realize this fact from reading about it but have trouble eyeballing/judging it. In fact if I hadn't read this to alert me to the task, I probably would have forgotten this important step in font design, because I don't see anything overtly wrong in the spaces of my new font, except for about 3 places. When I do a google search, I can't find any help on this subject. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me a few suggestions on what letters usually need kerning between the spaces that follow them, and/or whatever tips they could point me towards or supply me with. Any suggestions at all would help!

Thanks in advance!

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Kerning Help

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with the kerning on a new logo. I've been staring at it for so long that I don't know what looks right anymore (weeks). If anyone can give me some pointers or tell me how it looks to them, it'd be appreciated!

Thank you!

Logo here

I keep changing things within the kerning and whenever I generate a font, it asks me if I want to rebuild the kern feature.

Sometimes, I get the dialog box when generating the OTF font file at the end of the exporting process... and that's when it freezes the program. the only safe way I can rebuild it is to rebuild it within the opentype window and then generate the font.

I'm afraid i'm damaging the font?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Ok, so I was using class based kerning and on the metrics window, everything seems to be working fine... kerning values look like they should. "Class kerning with exceptions" is enabled in the Metrics window.

However, when I open up the preview window, I see that kerning is all messed up and not working like it should (seems like class kerning is being ignored).

I tried exporting the font and I still get that.

Anyone here knows what is happening?
I spent about 10 hours kerning pairs and to know that my kerning is now not working is stressing me out big time :(


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