work in progress

I've been developing this typeface for the past month, and I've got to a point where I'm feeling kind of blocked, so I thought it would be a good idea to come here for some help. I'm happy with the lowercase, although I'm sure you'll find lots of problems with it (problems which I'd be more than happy correcting, by the way), the main issue I'm having is with the uppercase; due to its geometric construction some letters (E,F,I,T,L,H mainly) aren't quite fitting with the curviness of the other ones.
I've made a really quick pdf with the first sentences that came to mind (feel free to ask for more material if you need it for a better judgement!), and I'd be really glad to hear the criticism of better trained eyes (and hands).

Haven't been here awhile.

This is the very beginning of a new logo. It has started on a piece of paper and this is the first digitized draft (and just a draft). I'm deliberately not providing any additional info on the logo, because I would like to hear from your:

  • critique of this draft
  • associations/emotions you get by looking at it
  • what came to your mind when you first saw it
  • what industry you think could be suitable for
  • what other ideas may popped up your mind
  • any suggestions you may have

Thank you very much.

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