Hi !

I skeched a simple "yeah" ambigram on Paper, a very nice sketch app available on iPad.
Here it is:

Did you ever designed an ambigram out there ?


Hello all,

I've been studying type for several years now but haven't sat down to begin designing a full font until recently. I got my hands on Fonts & Logos by Doyald Young and have been working my way through that, and as a compliment to what I've been reading and learning I started designing a font based on lettering I found at local historic locations.

I've sketched a few of the more complex lowercase letters (to get an idea about caps height, diagonals, bowls, widths, etc) but now when I look at them as a group I feel like I'm looking at totally different fonts.

Any advice about what I'm naively missing to tie all these together? Or additional pointers? Any critique is much appreciated.


In the past I have designed "textured" looking faces by rendering with pencil, photographing, tracing (in freehand mx at the time), then copy/pasting into fontographer. I recently have designed a face, rendered it in chalk, vectorized it and am now attempting to copy it from ai into Fontlab. I have even tried copying it into Fontographer. Is there anyone out there that can suggest a work flow that will help me achieve success? Are there preferences that I can change that I am missing?

It looks like it could be hand done and then repeated, but anything know of it or anything similar? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Can anybody tell me a good font for a incompletely-sketched, construction line type font? I want a mechanical sketch sort of look. I want it to have the letters "T" and "W". Thanks everybody!

I am trying to find a book about type design focusing on the process of designing a font. That is, since the catalyst or the idea, to the first primitive sketches, through the processes of adjusting and choosing the best forms for specific letters, designing alternates, etc. I am more interested in understanding how type designers "think" than the results they achieve.

Can any one point me in some direction?
After a quick search, I couldn't find any reference to such a book in Typophile.

Thank you!

(Thanks for the replies on the original thread, opened in the wrong forum, specially about this beauty. Hoping to get some more suggestions, still!)

Dear Everybody Who Loves Font,

This is my first - quite serious - attempt to draw a font family.

Basic concept was/is to draw a Thin and Black weights and blend
and carefully review all the weights in between.

Now I like this - and would be glad to have any critique.



P.S.: Numerals look still something ugly for me - I'm working on it.

P.S.2.: Italic is mainly oblique for now - except 'f' and 'f-ligas' - but
a few glyphs are planned to be redrawn.

Haven't been here awhile.

This is the very beginning of a new logo. It has started on a piece of paper and this is the first digitized draft (and just a draft). I'm deliberately not providing any additional info on the logo, because I would like to hear from your:

  • critique of this draft
  • associations/emotions you get by looking at it
  • what came to your mind when you first saw it
  • what industry you think could be suitable for
  • what other ideas may popped up your mind
  • any suggestions you may have

Thank you very much.

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