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Daily Pangram hits 600

Today the Daily Pangram celebrated another milestone: 600 original pangrams have now appeared on the blog, one for each of the last 600 weekdays going back to April 2008.

I'm marking the occasion by making the pangrams for this week assemble into a pangram-only short story (okay, very short story). You can follow it at http://dailypangram.tumblr.com/

Swashiness Crit, Please


I'm working on a legacy mark to commemorate the 25th anniversary for a St. Louis arts organization. Out of several options, here's the direction my client picked. It's loosely based on Bodoni and Benton Modern.

If anyone could offer some input on how to improve the curves, I'd really appreciate it. Some areas don't feel quite right yet, particularly in the way the swashes above and below cradle the shapes of the numbers.

Feedback much appreciated.