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Round Slab Serif with Contrasting Italics

I'm looking for a slab serif with open shapes and contrasting italics. I really love Salvo Serif, with its round O and in general very open round counters: http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/salvoserif/

However, its italics are really just oblique:

Does anyone know of a similar font with true italics?

Looking for typeface suggestions



I'm looking for a rich feeling, classy looking typeface for a men's online buying guide publication. Perhaps something with a serif, although I'm not partial. I have seen ITC Lubalin Graph Demi used elsewhere, and it looks great. We would like to not copy them, however similar recommendations are welcomed.

Your recommendations are much appreciated.

Thank you.

Suggest a versatile condensed grotesque, please

I'm looking for a versatile and (dare I say it) modern condensed grotesque, mainly for headlines and shorter texts.

I need:

- upper and lowercase
- italics
- A few weights would be nice
- the ability to use as a webfont.

I've been using this as a "placeholder" for now:

Any suggestions?

Best regards

Corporate font suggestions needed please!

Hi Typophiles,

I'm currently designing a brand for a corporate client, in the vein of the new Avois or Eurostar brands. It's shiny, fast, car badge-esque etc, but not so much that it shouldn't appeal to a family friendly/female market, and I need suggestions for a corporate font. Criteria includes:

- Must be by a reputable foundry
- Not be overused already (my biggest problem)
- Be fairly recent (in the last 2-4 yrs?)
- Available from MyFonts as a webfont or TypeKit
- Have enough quirks to be used as a header font but also for text (not essential - if its not suitable for text we can specify a second font)
- Contain multiple weights and italics
- Price range is up to about $50-60 AUD

Typeface suggestions for a Scientific Poster

Hey everyone,

New to the forums here, been browsing and using this site for years but never posted. I'm after some advice for what fonts to use for my conference poster.

OK I'm presenting an A0 poster at an antarctic research conference and am getting tired of my usual Caslon/Helvetica-Neue combo and wanted to change things up a bit.

Obviously its a little difficult to describe whet I have in mind. Its a science poster, thinking cooler colors, lots of white as it will have a few hairline diagrams on it.

Looking for a script with Italian feel - logo for pizzeria and spaghetteria

I am currently doing a logo for Italian restaurant, pizzeria and spaghetteria. Name for restaurant is Bruschetta, located in Zadar, Croatia.

Client even before brief wanted Kunstler script to use as main typography but I think it is not so appropriate for an Italian restaurant.
I need alternative for script if client doesn't want to use serifed typeface.

So I am looking for a script that has organic feel, that has connection with food, vegetables, ingredients. And also convey italian and mediterranean feel.

Thought of pairing Bodoni and Bodoni script but I am not sure for now.

And maybe something like this.

Thanks everyone.