Font licensing questions

I have been searching around and trying to confirm a few things that I *think* I know but it's all somewhat confusing to me:

- My client wants to publish an ebook, which will actually just be a PDF displayed online (rather than a Kindle ebook, etc.). It would likely be downloaded by others, though, for a fee. They would get access to the PDF both online and offline (if they purchase it). We haven't chosen a font, but will probably go with a standard system font (minion, myriad, etc.). Assuming i do go with a system font, are we covered legally to use the typeface in this way?

Unbound pages – design for reading onscreen

Some on this list might be interested in the article I just wrote for The Magazine about the typography of ebooks and design for the screen – or rather, for a plethora of screens:


Although The Magazine is subscription based, non-subscribers can read the full text of one article a month.


Typographic complexities in, and standards for, E-books

Readers may enjoy my article “Web Standards for E-Books” at A List Apart, particularly the sections on exactly which typographic features E-book files should and must not contain. (Of the latter: Ligatures, hung punct, hyphens.) I’m sure that Bringhurst apologists, who are a lot like Ayn Rand apologists, will fulminate with rage at what I have to say about the em dash.