I need help identifying the geometric sans serif seen on this picture:

More pictures here:!/project/34/0

Thanks in advance


I am looking for the neo-grotesque saying "Jane Jacobs" in this picture:

In contrast to similar fonts the upper-case "J" has no bar and its tails das not point upwards.

Thanks in advance.

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almost mono, linear sans

Hello — Can someone help me identify the near mono, linear sans, used throughout EDUN's site as headers, subheaders and nav? Thanks so much ...

for better reference (large flash/sorry)


In sans serif and linear types, a stroke and stem of constant width. Strict monolinear fonts have identical horizontal and vertical stroke width. Practical monolinear fonts have a vertical stroke slightly wider than their horizontal stroke width.

The best-known example of a monolinear type is Futura designed by Paul Renner. Also Century and Avenir.

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