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ID font in Teenager Posts and so-relatable images

Anyone know or think they might be able to identify the font for Teenager Posts and so-relatable images. Here is an example of the font http://www.flickr.com/photos/76343955@N05/8165649985/lightbox/, or you can visit the website to look at the fonts used on the images.
I've looked everywhere to no avail so be great if you could help me! And I'm pretty sure it isn't helvetica or arial, although it could be a variation?

Follow my first typeface design process, from scratch.

Hey there Typophiles!
I've been interested in type for some years now but never really tried myself at this discipline.

I recently started thinking about a simple sans-serif font, based on my natural way of drawing letters. So I opened a Tumblr to document my creation process and share some studies on well known sans-serif fonts (mainly Helvetica, Futura and Century Gothic). What you'll find now is pictures of some of my very first drafts and visual studies of those fonts (comparing sizes, angles and so on, trying to understand their logic). And hopefully you'll find in some weeks/months/years a final OTF file for you to download.

Here's the site!

Anybody recognise this font?

Me and my friend have come across this typeface a lot on Tumblr (blog website) as it's used in a lot of page themes.
Shares similar qualities to the Lobster font, but it's slightly different.
He has sent me this screenshot he took, but you can also find it on thisisnthappiness.com as the logo on the left.
Does anybody know the font name?

Epic Type

Hello, this is my first post here.
I would like to have some critique about my tumblr Epic Type. This is personal training for lettering, type drawing and typographic composition, that is why I need your feedback. I use Inkscape to make this compositions.
As you can understand, my goal is not to make font families but to create font specimens. Because I'm not ready yet to draw a entire typeface, I made this blog as a training place.
Please tell me what do you think about it.