Hi all.
I've kerned all 56 characters through Fontographer 5 via the manual kerning pair window. It took a bit but I'm satisfied with the result.
I'm moving on to glyphs with diacritics and realize I don't want to kern the lowercase /a/ 7 times (for each existing pair). I know classes resolve this time issue. How can I access that from Fontographer 5 or from some set .fea file code ("where a then a" for all diacritically marked /a/).
Does this question make sense? I hope I've worded it well enough.
Thanks in advance (for saving me hours).

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serif companion for cp company

i'm looking for a nice serif to complement fabrizio schiavi's cp company family. ideally i'd like something that works well in both text and display situations. i'm trying to develop a corporate identity for myself. any help is much appreciated. thanks!

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