Hello, I'm trying to make a poster for a friend who's a fan of Top Gear.

This picture is located in the middle of the The Big Book of Top Gear 2009.

You can see there is no serif, the 'G' does not have a tail, and the font is relatively condensed.

Does anyone know what font is being used? Much appreciated!

You may have noticed this already, but I thought I better post it here anyway. Following the redesign of the mother-page of the BBC News, the BBC Arabic launched their redesigned website. It is probably one of the first, and certainly the biggest site yet to use webfonts – Arabic webfonts that is. It uses a custom version of Nassim by Titus Nemeth. The typeface was painstakingly optimized for screen and for web. Hinted by Thomas Grace and mastered into webfonts by Tim Ahrens.

You can read more on Titus' blog.

We will be releasing Nassim through Rosetta Type Foundry this year, see .

Few pictures:

I can see Gotham as a sans, but cant clearly tell the serifs and slab serif.

Anyone have an idea?

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