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InDesign CS5 and OpenType language and script tags


[Cross-posted with the UAFDKOML group]

I'm starting to receive some questions about features not working in InDesign CS5 when a non-Latin language or "No Language" is selected. And this is happening with fonts that worked fine in CS3 and CS4.

From the cases I've seen, the bugs were in the fonts. More specifically, the feature file code lacked languagesystem declarations. Regarding InDesign CS5, what I can tell you is that this version is more strict than CS3 and CS4 were in terms of dealing with language and script tags. So if the fonts don't have lookups for all the necessary languagesystems, ID CS5 will just stick to what's in the font rather than creating them on-the-fly, like CS3 and CS4 used to do.

TypeDNA ready to try for MAC


New from TypeDNA is the unique and powerful standalone Font Manager and the unique Plugged-in® solution for Adobe's CS.

The TypeDNA Font Manager and TypeDNA Plugged-in® solution help you find the font you want to use fast. TypeDNA includes tools that offer sophisticated character analysis. During installation each font is analyzed, characteristics are determined and from this data a unique font signature is generated. The easy to use interface provides several unique tools that will really like your fonts. Each tool can be used independently or combined for extremely powerful browsing and font selection, direct within your CS5 design applications.

Tools include: Similar Fonts, Font Harmony, Attribute Filters and SmartChoice.

My latest Dell purchase has helped me see the light: I'm getting a Mac next

It's not even been a year, and my overpriced Dell Studio 15 is making funny noises. I'm tired of flimsy plastic, cheap keys, and bizarre errors, and seriously considering buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Does anyone own one and can share a bit about what they about the computer? Specifically, is anyone running Adobe CS5 apps on it? Can it handle them well?

Your input would be proverbially much appreciated.

The "Adobe Text" typeface, and some other x-heightable issues.

I noticed that the Adobe Typblography, has announced the new font bundling scheme for CS5.

The details are available here:


It appears though that there is a new Robert Slimbach font that Adobe intends to release (as a registration incentive), called Adobe Text.

Does anyone have any additional information available regarding this particular family. From the little information available on the Adobe type blog, it would appear to support Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, and I assume that it would contain the full Adobe range of optical sizes. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have someone (possibly from the Adobe team) provide us with some insights into what else we may expect.

Reinventing the System: The New Adobe Desktop Brand

Ran across this blog post from Adobe this morning and thought it was really fascinating, great read on the history and development of the Adobe branding for their desktop apps:
http://Reinventing the System: The New Adobe Desktop Brand

(also appears to hint that we'll see CS5 very soon)