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Any Ideas on this vintage stencil lettering?

Hey guys,
I came across this and had to screenshot this beautiful stencil lettering. I realize it is likely not a "font" per se, but can anyone identify it or something even kinda similar? I'm really digging this and Jan Tschichold's Iwan Stencil Pro : http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/singles/linotype/iwan_stencil_pro/


Looking for a font similar to this... 60's / 70's Utilitarian / Cold War

Hi there,

I'm looking for a font that is similar to this one: http://twitpic.com/19kohb

This would have been fine but the 'S' has been really lazily executed, so I refuse to use it as it would bug the hell out of me. Any suggestions would be welcome.