Typopixo is looking for Lettering artists / Type-designers

We are Novo Typo / Typopixo from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
We developed a code to make multi-color fonts (multicolor-pixels in png format in unicode) useable as webfonts.

The website for this new project is online for testing now. We are looking for high quality multi colorfonts to extend this collection.
Who will be interested in selling your typefaces via this website?
It will increase your market, audience and sales for webfonts. We did some testing with typographers, designers, webdevelopers and programmers and the response is very enthusiastic and promising.

If you are interested in a collaboration we can send you a link to the website, a personal login-code and detailed information about the technique, contracts and EULA, etc.

Changing bitmap font metrics


Years ago I built a bitmap font (ttf outlines) which I would like to use for web embedding in html now.

The font—like most bitmap fonts available back then—was set to be displayed at 8px size which in case of this font is visually roughly an equivalent of 12px Helvetica.

My question is:

Is there an easy way to change the font's metrics so that its px size would be more accurate when used in html?

It still would only have one native size (as it is a bitmap font), but it wouldn't require displaying at 8px in order to be shown at its native 12px anymore.

What metrics should I change?

Thanks for any information.

Kerning trouble with fontstruct



I began to work on a font on Fontstruct.

I know this is not a real font editor but it was adapted to my project.
Now I have kerning trouble.

Fontstruct exports only .ttf format, what is the best way / software to adjust the letter spacing ?

(SOLVED) Optimizing a font for a clear pixel display at 8 pt size. How?


Dear Typophile members.
I'm compiling some letters (drawn by someone else) into a font. The letters are meant to be used in icon bitmaps sized 24 x 24 pixels and the characters were drawn to match this grid. However the result should not be a pure black/white pixel font but should show some gray tones as well. Please see attached image (desired look).
I made the font in TypeTool. The trouble is, I can't produce the right look in Photoshop when using the font. I use 8 pt size.
The UPM is 1024 and each pixel is 128 units (8 x 128 = 1024). Also every letter spacing is 128 units.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone know how to do this right?

Many thanks!


College Project


Hey Guys, we were asked to make a font under these conditions:

- Use only Horizontal and Vertical Lines
- Cannot simulate a curve leaving pixels white on the corners.
- Uppercase Characters and Numbers Only.

This is what i have so far - http://fontstruct.fontshop.com/fontstructions/show/nepo_3

- Height is 7px and Width is 10px

- Small Version

- Medium

Some of my thoughts:

- The D looks weird
- Is my X Valid?
- Other ways to make the M, N and W ?
- The S and the 5 look too much alike?
- Help with Spacing