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Intriguing design anecdotes

Hello all,

We are currently gathering research for a compendium of graphic design miscellany. We would greatly appreciate any anecdotes you may know of. The publication will be targeted at designers of all ages as an kind of amusing factual compilation of tales and facts.

Examples include:- John Baskerville insisting on being buried standing upright. In 1820, his body was dug up and used as a sort of local peepshow. The curious could view it for the sum of 6 pence.

We would be extremely grateful for any contributions, the more entertaining the better!

Period typefaces for body text


Hello! I've got a bit of dilemma on my hands. I'm currently the design editor of my university's student newspaper and for April 1st we're doing a joke issue with the theme "time warp." Each page will be from a certain period in time, with the first page being the beginning of the universe (the leading cover choice right now is a blank page) and the last page will the end of it. All pages will be themed, with some modeled after illuminated manuscripts and others 1920s newspapers, for example.

Now, I'm incredibly excited for this project, but the fonts have got me tripped up, specifically at the very beginning (cavemen and the discovery of fire) and the end (the far, far future). Anything after the start of movable type I'm fine with, obviously, because I can start to use Garamond and the like. But I'd like some ideas for the type before typography and into the future.