paragraph spacing

Space before a praragraph vs. space after a paragraph

Some would say space before and after a paragraph is a "you say tomato, I say tomato" kind of thing.

I run into situations where we have added space before and space after that accumulates and gets very confusing especially when one is designing a template of a complex document.

Bullets and numbered bullets are the worst.

Generally speaking is there a "proper use" for before spacing and for after spacing? I imagine if only one was needed, only one would have been provided.


Bullets and paragraph spacing


Is there a 'correct' way to include spaces before and after items in a list (such as bullets)?

I am working on a document that has a space of 12pt after each paragraph. I like the visual break this provides. Should I have a 12pt space after each item in the list? Sometimes this looks too much.

I'm working to a 12pt baseline grid so it seems that the space should either be 12pt to match my grid, or nothing.

Any tips/design examples?

Thanks in advance!