vertical space

font without spacing for ascendents and descendents



I am looking for a sans serif font without spacing for ascendents and descendents. I tried all caps fonts but the ones I found still have some vertical space.

I will be using this font for its digits (so it could be a digit-only font) which will need to be readable (similar to, say, Droid Sans). they will be large and I do not want them to take more vertical space than needed. The problem I am having is visible on this screenshot: -- there is space wasted above and below the numbers.

Would you have a recommendation for such a "tightly fit" font?

Thank you for any suggestions,


Pronounced, “ledding” (not leeding). The space between lines of type. When setting type by hand thin strips of lead could be placed between the lines of type when making up the typeblock, opening up space between the lines. Type without lead was said to be “set solid”.