I'm looking for a versatile and (dare I say it) modern condensed grotesque, mainly for headlines and shorter texts.

I need:

- upper and lowercase
- italics
- A few weights would be nice
- the ability to use as a webfont.

I've been using this as a "placeholder" for now:

Any suggestions?

Best regards


I have recently graduated from university, studying Graphic Design. I have created a blog with some of my designs to exhibit some of my skills.

Here is my blog:

I would love for some feedback on my work. I am open to any form of criticism.

I thank you for taking time to read this


Hello everyone! I recently started this new design blog (3 months ago) and I'm glad to share it with you guys :) The blog is about logo designs, both creative and design-rich logotypes. All of the designs is featured from dribbble. I mainly started it because of my love to logo designs, that's actually also how I came up with the name "Logo Crush". It now has a capacity of over 250+ design-rich logotypes (and counting), to inspire, learn from or simply to enjoy!

The multi-disciplinary design studio, Kapitza will be joining us at St Bride to talk about their working processes and inspirations. They will discuss their profound fascination with fonts and where ideas for these are found and how they are subsequently pursued, developed and refined. Their extensive Geometric and Organic collections, for example, have been realised as published books that illustrate and explore the diversity of the font collection.

They will also share with us their experiences of the ins and outs of self-publishing, the creation of pattern fonts, how to start a font foundry, designing an app, book design and working with a worldwide audience.

I am having trouble just googling "wayfinding design" and coming up with any good examples. I am looking for innovative and creative examples to get me inspired. Does anyone know of a resource like this on the internet? I do have a few books to check out whenever I can make it to the library.


Is there anyone who knows what this font is that used for İstanbul 2010 Culturel Capital of Europe Ads. 'İstanbul inspirations' or something close ?



Inspiration per se can of course lead to utterly original work in Type. Much Type design however, needs to relate closely to work that has come before, and this close resembalance can and has caused confusion and arguements. Especially for a Type designer starting out---it can be hard to understand where inspiration ends, and, to put it in inflamitory terms---stealing begins.

John Downer has made a serious attempt to distiguish between kinds or flavors of inspiration (or lack of it) in his article 'Call It What It Is'. The article is often cited and has been influential. Maybe you will find it helpful as well. The text of the article has been put in the typowiki with the kind permision of John Downer & Emigre.

Call It What It Is

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