Ungrouped font families


Speaking as someone who's not a type designer, can any of you explain the rationale behind not grouping font families? Ungrouped families are incredibly difficult to work with in InDesign, especially when there are a lot of weights. Grouping seems to be the norm (at least that I've noticed?) so it's always jarring to come across one that isn't grouped.

So, is it a conscious decision to set the files up like that? A technical limitation with the software used to create the font?

Grouping OTF Families

Hello all,

this has probably been discussed but I was unable to find an answer. Under OSX, is there a way to group OFT font families? For example, I have 49 weights and alternates of DIN and I'd love to have them show up in Illustrator under a family instead of having a huge list of fonts to scroll through. This is only an issue with some of the fonts I am using.