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need advice regarding masters in type design program

My application recently got denied for a masters in type design program. I learned from one of the jurors/professors that my portfolio needed to be 'less pragmatic and ordinary commissioned work'. He further noted that they were looking for work that contained more personal and experimental projects. This was my first time applying for a masters program and I unfortunately created my portfolio based on projects that I've done as an in-house graphic designer.

I want to reapply for the program next year but before I do, I want to ensure that I know how to best approach the creation of my new portfolio.


Website plagarism

Hi all,

I've just discovered a web design company in the Philippines has entirely copied my personal portfolio website and are using it as their own. I created mine a few months ago and a little while ago, I noticed a particular IP address in Manila had been downloading all the pages.

They've directly copied my code (even leaving in my analytics tracking code and my name in the image alt tags!) and used my graphics as well (icons, navigation, etc). They've also left in a photograph of my work in the slideshow on the front page.

My website is http://www.coullon.com and the one in question is http://www.wwmhosting.com/index.html

As I've never encountered this before, I was wondering if anyone knows anything I could do about it?



Edit for screenshot:

Personal Identity

Hi hello,

My friend asked me to make an online portfolio for her. She's an architecture graduate. So far, I haven't encountered that many individual architecture portfolios online, so I decided to seek for some feedback and some info on it here.

What I'm working on at the moment is the type for her full name. I need something that would look good both in print and screen.

The aspects I doubt about are the width of the type and the unusual "R" I've used (if the curve looks good or I don't need it at all?). I haven't dealt with the kerning on the bolder versions yet tho.

As you can see, it doesn't really resemble architecture itself. Is it a mistake?

KABK TypeMedia portfolio - any tips?

Hi Everyone,

Currently I'm improving my portfolio to apply to the TypeMedia course at KABK in 2011. I'm working on a bunch of things but I want to make sure my portfolio is solid because I really want to grab one of those 12 spots. This year they have 80 serious portfolio's for 12 spots so it's a bit daunting.

Any tips on what to include and exclude? I plan on posting my type related projects on here to get critiqued when they get to that stage but for now I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Or, if you've done the KABK course any advice you could give on either the portfolio or letter of intent?

website for student font portfolios - www.26plus-zeichen.de


The website www.26plus-zeichen.de offers students the posibility to examine, test, comment and present their fonts. Most of the fonts are for free. There are display fonts as well as fonts for text. Everybody who is interested in type design is invited to join the website.
The idea to the website begun at the German Fh Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Development by Jakob Runge, Max Kostopoulos and Georg Fischer [programming].