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DIN in Hebrew?

Hi all!

Im working in a project that uses FF DIN Pro in their identity logo lockup. They are going international and looking to translate their name onto different languages (Hebrew included). I can't find an Hebrew version of FF DIN Pro (or any other DIN). Im facing with the decision of finding an alternate typeface that could accommodate my needs. Please send help!

Does Helvetica Neue have these characters?

Č and đ

Konzumirati ohlađeno.
Čuvati od dohvata male djece.

I'm working on a European product label with 4 languages slapped on there. The corporate font is Helvetica Neue, but the Desktop Publisher is telling me I have use Myriad Pro due to it's support of this specific language (Bosnian, I think)

Any tips would be helpful. I'm inclined to hire a typographer to make these characters for us if they don't exist...

Handwriting typeface (w/ ext. intl. charsets)


I'm looking for a casual, legible handwriting face, predominantly for online use. The style I'm looking for is along the lines of:

Felt Tip Roman
Betina Script

Here's the thing – I really need a consistent family across numerous alphabets (Latin, Eastern European, Greek, Cyrillic, numerous Asia/Pacific scripts). It also has to have an EULA that allows unlimited page views per month.

Call for submissions for "Material Of The Future" exhibition.


Organisers of the International Design Festival Design Attack invite designers to submit their proposals for the exhibition "Material of the Future", a part of the first edition of Design Attack Festival, which will be held in Krakow on 6-30 November 2010.

The subject of the exhibition Material of the Future will revolve around the evolution of materials considered to be the future - from plastic (first bakelites, tomofon, the first biodegradable materials, laminates AbetPrint) towards ecology, nanotechnologies, and hybrid composites. The exhibition will present works and projects of Polish and foreign designers interested in the issue of using new materials in 3d design.