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Initials logo idea

Hi everyone,

I'm playing with my new personal logo and I would like to use my initials of PH and transform them into the cube which I'm almost there I think (Cube like a basic 3d object - I want to focus on 3d design :) ). But there is still something what I don't see what's wrong. I would like to have same width on the top and bottom and between P and H. Technically the P is same like H but optically the H looks wider. Also I tried some grid....

I'll be happy if you can suggest any opinions and ideas what to fix.

Thank you very much.

Seeking feedback on selecting personal logo

I'm working on my personal branding and would like some input on the logo that I've been developing. I've gone through about 50 variations of this, but am attaching the top 5 designs that were narrowed down based on a first round of critique from a colleague. The concept is based on a strong personal affinity for modern vintage design through the vintage seal/stamp shape and original craftsmanship. This is just the basic flat logo that I'll eventually add some slight additional styling and perhaps get turned into a physical rubber stamp for promotional print items.

I am seeking preferences for integrating the script typeface monogram which gives it the more modern edge versus the more slab typeface.

Thank you!

Personal Business Logo Critique, Please

I've narrowed my business logo down to 3 favorites. I'd like some critique. Favorite and why; colors complementary, too dark/too light; kerning too tight/loose; design element too much/dark/light; design element size; so, basically anything I need to do that would make it better, etc. Be brutal, but constructive. Thanks so much :)

Personal Logo Critique

Hi Typophiles!

My initials are d, l, and s, and they are really hard to put together into a personal logo. Believe me! This is my seventh official attempt at constructing a cool identity. I sort of want to convey professionalism and perhaps invoke a little mythology (a little hydra/lochness monster comes otu of it) while at the same time having my initials (a) evolve into each other and (b) come together as a what some might call a typographical swash or like something you might find in Adobe's Wood Ornaments type.

I'd love your artistic opinions on it--I know it's not done yet, but I don't know what it needs exactly. It is coming off a little bit messy. I'd love to hear what you have to say so I can finally finish it! I'm attaching a larger version. Thanks again in advance!

Personal Identity

I did some concept drawings for my "art studio/company". The name Eggroll Industries dates back to high school and my nickname is Eggroll.

I want it to look a little retro/artsy and simple so it won't detract from my art. I didn't buy the font yet so I can't provide larger examples. These are all roughs. I think the finished version I'm going to use a scanner technique or print them so it has a screened poster feeling.

I'm using a costume to brand myself. You can see a photo I took of me in it...long explanation.

Anyways, feedback welcome!