I'm working on my personal branding and would like some input on the logo that I've been developing. I've gone through about 50 variations of this, but am attaching the top 5 designs that were narrowed down based on a first round of critique from a colleague. The concept is based on a strong personal affinity for modern vintage design through the vintage seal/stamp shape and original craftsmanship. This is just the basic flat logo that I'll eventually add some slight additional styling and perhaps get turned into a physical rubber stamp for promotional print items.

I am seeking preferences for integrating the script typeface monogram which gives it the more modern edge versus the more slab typeface.

Thank you!

I've narrowed my business logo down to 3 favorites. I'd like some critique. Favorite and why; colors complementary, too dark/too light; kerning too tight/loose; design element too much/dark/light; design element size; so, basically anything I need to do that would make it better, etc. Be brutal, but constructive. Thanks so much :)

Hi Typophiles!

My initials are d, l, and s, and they are really hard to put together into a personal logo. Believe me! This is my seventh official attempt at constructing a cool identity. I sort of want to convey professionalism and perhaps invoke a little mythology (a little hydra/lochness monster comes otu of it) while at the same time having my initials (a) evolve into each other and (b) come together as a what some might call a typographical swash or like something you might find in Adobe's Wood Ornaments type.

I'd love your artistic opinions on it--I know it's not done yet, but I don't know what it needs exactly. It is coming off a little bit messy. I'd love to hear what you have to say so I can finally finish it! I'm attaching a larger version. Thanks again in advance!

Hey there. It's been a while but I came across this and had to share:

If any of you have handwriting that closely resembles Comic Sans, you're banned from using this! ;)


I've been working this out for a bit now.

I am looking for some criticism/help. I'm not afraid.

This is a personal logo design, it is my initials which are c j d. i prefer the lower case. Let me know how you feel.

I did some concept drawings for my "art studio/company". The name Eggroll Industries dates back to high school and my nickname is Eggroll.

I want it to look a little retro/artsy and simple so it won't detract from my art. I didn't buy the font yet so I can't provide larger examples. These are all roughs. I think the finished version I'm going to use a scanner technique or print them so it has a screened poster feeling.

I'm using a costume to brand myself. You can see a photo I took of me in it...long explanation.

Anyways, feedback welcome!


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