Sans + Serif pair with identical metrics?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a pair of a sans-serif and a serif typefaces which have identical metrics to each other. The only genuine one I can find even mentioned is McClatchy super-family, but that's a custom commission. Luzi Type's Messina almost hits the mark (and both the sans and serif are perfect style-wise), but they differ just a bit.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Pairing high-ascender fonts like Brandon Grotesque

Hi guys,

New here.

I'm trying to pair Brandon Grotesque (Brandon Text actually) with a nice serif like Copernicus, Merriweather, Sina, Georgia. You get it, right ? Pretty easy at this point.

My issue is to match sizes of the fonts because Brandon Text is a high ascender font. All the serif I try to pair with have a larger x-height than Brandon.

Basically, in a perfect world, I should be able to have both fonts on the same line with a similar Ascender height. I know Garamond works well, but I look for a font with a contemporary feeling.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance guys.

Type pairing for a clean serif, Lyon Text


Hey all, I'm currently revamping the typography for a text-heavy site. It's currently using Freight Sans and Freight Text, which are nice fonts but Text has some readability issues and Sans' style isn't exactly what I'm looking for—it's a bit too 'whimsical':

I'm looking to replace it with Lyon Text, which is a very clean and readable serif:

Hebrew Pair for Poetica?

I'm looking for a Hebrew typeface to pair with Poetica. I know this may be hard since it's a chancery italic but I was hoping one of you guys may have an idea. Below is a sample for your reference.

Side discussion: Did anything ever happen with Eric Gill's Hebrew typeface? Has it been digitized? I read on a blog it has been but was unable to find a version of it.

Blackletter Compliments?

Hi Everyone, I've been trying to match my logo with a font for a while now, figured I'd ask here for suggestions seeing as there are so many pro's. I have a simple blackletter ambigram logo, picture a Lucida Blackletter connected to itself flipped, kinda like this: eǝ, to make the initials es with a cursive s. My problem is pairing this symbol with a good font for my name and other info on my business card and potentially my resume. Until now I've been using Helvetica 67 condensed medium, which is just to bland for me to keep using. Can anyone give me some pointers or suggestions on pairing fonts with blackletters?