Pendula™ is an adaptation of Pittorseques Droites (Scenic Casual) found in the circa 1924 specimen book of La Fonderie Typographique Francaise. Changes to a very small number of the original characters were made to make the typeface work better with more languages, as well as for aesthetic reasons. A newly designed Cyrillic character set was added to make the design even more useful, enlarging the character set from the basic Latin set to over 650 glyphs covering seven languages. Pendula™ also includes tabular and proportional number sets plus a bonus set of over thirty monetary symbols. Other international symbols were included too. It is a wonderfully casual and flexible design, usable in many situations.

HWT Gothic Round is the newest release from the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry. Gothic Round was first introduced as wood type by the George Nesbitt Co. in 1838. The font is a softened variation of a standard heavy Gothic typeface. The style evokes a much more recent history of the 1960s and 70s and can be seen in such places as donut shops and on children's toys as well as inspiration for such fonts as VAG Rounded.

Gothic Round has not previously been available as a digital font until now. The font was digitized by Miguel Sousa from a wide variety of historical sources, including visits to the Cary Collection at RIT (Rochester, NY), WNY Book Arts Center (Buffalo, NY) and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum (Two Rivers, WI). The result is a very solid and contemporary font with a 175 year history.

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Booster Rounded Sans

Hi there

Looking for some improvements and comments for this rounded sans i'm making.
It's my first effort to do a complete typeface.
I've attached a pdf to closer inspection.
Thanks in advance for any contribution to evolve.


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Rounded sans serif


Can anyone tell me what font this is?

i don't remember which font is this one. can anyone help me?

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a font like Hinge Marketing used in their identity.
This is probably custom made, but maybe there's a font on which this is based on (or a similar font)?

Thanks in advance.

Im looking for a nice typeface with rounded edges. Im wondering what is it? It's from Manual Studio.
Thanks in advice.

Can someone please identify this serif font? I tried to find it myself, but whatthefont and whatfontis wouldn't recognize it fully. Seems like its a simple font, that would be easily recognizable. Thanks everyone! You guys are always so quick, I can't thank you enough.

Hello. Any thoughts on what typeface this is? Thanks.

You are looking for a contemporary upright script family?
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyps, with a wide range of languages covered (including greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures – please make sure to use applications that support OpenType features. Moreover Marcus Sterz created Lignette Deco to complete the graceful look with frames and ornaments.

Right now it is on special sale on MyFonts

Or visit our own website

For quite some time I thought this was custom made.
I know now this is a typeface.
Please identify it.
Thank you for your time.

Greater Albion have just released two new families through Fontspring and

The first of these, Cirflex was inspired by a 1930s shop sign, and makes an ideal typeface for Streamline Era and Art Deco design. Cirflex is offered in regular and bold weights.

I saw this font on an ad at a club a few nights ago. I tried looking for the ads, but haven't been able to find them. Can anyone help identify this font please?

Announcing a new, very round typeface: Circula™. It is a simplified geometric display typeface based on circles. It contains capitals and small capitals only (no lower case), basic symbols, superior and inferior numbers and common fractions. It supports Eastern European, Baltic and Turkish character sets. The medium cut is free. Get it at Myfonts.

Trying to ID this for a client. It looks really similar to Futura Round. Would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on it, Thanks!

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