Hi Typophiles

I remember a while back I flipped through a book that, as far as I remember, was a small little black book that had one charactaristic letter from a different font per page. Now I really want to find out what the book was called - can anybody help?


I'm designing a blog for a theologian, which means he'll be occasionally writing in (biblical) Hebrew and Greek. If possible I'd like to steer off the beaten path and use a webfont. Do you know of any webfonts that offer this kind of language support?

[I initially thought of Gentium, which would be a great choice, but the webfont version only includes the Latin alphabet.]

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: just noticed Gentium does indeed include WOFF files for Gentium Plus, but I'm trying my best to avoid self-hosting the files. Still, I guess there's my first typeface for the list. Any others?

Hello Everyone!

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Exact science, no doubt great killjoy for an artistic mind. Yet a valuable inspiration, so relax, have a break, have a SIT STAT.

view the complete project here + wallpapers:

Apparently Thom Yorke has developed his own alphabet.

Thom Yorke Alphabet - [Radiohead Nude remix]:

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