Hi All,

I'm new to typography and I'm creating my first font in Fontforge. I design the characters illustrator first then import them in to fontforge.

I done the capital letters first and generated them to see what they were like. That worked. Then I done the lowercase letters and generated them. that worked as well. Then I done a few punctuation characters as well as the space character (8 all together), generated them. It didn't work. When I use the font in another software the capital and lowercase letters showed up but the 7 punctuations I have done don't show up and the space character works but is too big even though I made it half the size if font forge.

Hi everybody,

Im working on a font that includes latin1, hebrew and cyrillic.
I already designed all the glyphs. Now I need to know what should I do before generating the font.
I know is a big question, Im sorry, Im really lost in this step.


When I generate my new font I get these [WARNING] messages and I don't know what I am supposed to do about them.

Does anyone know what these warnings in the output Panel mean or how to fix the problems? Thanks in advance!

[WARNING] Pair positioning has two different values in 'kern' feature; choosing the smaller absolute value: Abreve
[WARNING] Pair positioning has two different values in 'kern' feature; choosing the smaller absolute value: Abreve

YES, IT SAYS THIS TWICE IN A ROW for some reason.

I get several of these duplicate warnings. About ten pairs or each problem glyph: Abreve, Aogonek, Emacron, Ebreve (there are 4 duplicates of that warning), Edotaccent, Eogonek, Ecaron, OE, Tcommaaccent, Tcaron, and Tbar.


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need help!

Hi there,

I am in need of some serious help with my font. I have already designed it, and when I go and and export it into FontLab, everything gets messed up. Does anyone know of a company or a freelance typeographer that can help me out? MyFonts have already set up an foundry, and I didn't realize it would be this difficult. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, that would be great!

Thank you,

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