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looking for the right font

Dear reader,
I am looking for the right font for an Identity. I must me a little bit of a Vintage look font, not to serious, not to loose. Maybe something like Futura, only there is a J in the name and I prefer one with the curve, instead of straight down like Futura.
It also should have O's in the name.
Maybe someone has tips?


Hello, does anybody know what this font is?

Found on the "View-Master Personal Stereo Camera"

It's very possible that this is a custom drawn logo. But you never know.

Thanks in advance!


Please help need the name of this font for an urgent project.


Intradiem is a vendor for the company I work for. I'm making a newsletter for print that features them and I can't find the font they used in their logo. It appears to be a blend of serif/sans font - not sure.

The image on this post is pulled from their site header at

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Please identify font

please help
first image (russian text)


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Please identify font

please help
first image (russian text)
second "Ingman"

Hey guys! i really need help in identifying this font attached. I have already tried whatthefont...

Can anyone help me find the font used in the image attached. I have tried many things to find it but couldn't exactly find the one I m looking for. Any help will be appreciated.


Please help me find out the font name of this image, please.


Can you guys identify this font? Your answers will be very much appreciated! I just need it for my website. I need to create new logos :-(

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi Friends,
Can someone help me to identify the font from the below image "MOKSHA".

Thanks in advance,

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Need Help

I purchased this font back in 2002 and have since replaced my computer. Unfortunately, my computer crashed before I got rid of it so what mattered more was saving my documents versus my fonts. Anyhow, I need help identifying the font so I can rebuild my company logo. Thanks in advance!

I'm on an endless search the for the name of this font. Would you kindly help me?


Can anyone identify this "hand sketched" looking font? Thank you in advance for your help


I would like to ask a help in identifying font for a company logo.

It's done approximately 6 month ago and is a straight font. Have no clue whatsoever what kind of font or to which font family it belongs to but the owner of the company says that it is not a custom made font but the "designer" used some sort of font for it.

I'm also posting a picture of it.

Thanks a billion if someone can help!

If someone could help me identify this it would be very helpful. Thanks. Chris

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An apology

I'm sorry, my intention was not to inconvenience anyone.

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