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identify font

looking for the right font


Dear reader,
I am looking for the right font for an Identity. I must me a little bit of a Vintage look font, not to serious, not to loose. Maybe something like Futura, only there is a J in the name and I prefer one with the curve, instead of straight down like Futura.
It also should have O's in the name.
Maybe someone has tips?


ID font in Logo


Intradiem is a vendor for the company I work for. I'm making a newsletter for print that features them and I can't find the font they used in their logo. It appears to be a blend of serif/sans font - not sure.

The image on this post is pulled from their site header at www.intradiem.com

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Need Help

I purchased this font back in 2002 and have since replaced my computer. Unfortunately, my computer crashed before I got rid of it so what mattered more was saving my documents versus my fonts. Anyhow, I need help identifying the font so I can rebuild my company logo. Thanks in advance!

Font for a company Logo / 'Mollusk'


I would like to ask a help in identifying font for a company logo.

It's done approximately 6 month ago and is a straight font. Have no clue whatsoever what kind of font or to which font family it belongs to but the owner of the company says that it is not a custom made font but the "designer" used some sort of font for it.

I'm also posting a picture of it.

Thanks a billion if someone can help!