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Typography gift wrap paper


Typography gift wrap paper

We asked ourselves: Why not use figures themselves to design wrapping paper for your Advent calendar?
No sooner said than done—now available: Typographic wrapping paper for your Advent Calender.

Your gifts don’t need tiny boxes, the wrapping paper offers more amount for taller and other shaped presents (for e.g. wine, apples, tangerines … ). Additional labeling isn’t required for your Advent calender.

{ Your input on NOVA } ligatures, swashes & OpenType stuff


Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've posted something myself here. I'd like your input on my latest font NOVA. NOVA is a solid grotesk font that has loads of wow-stuff under the hood. I've been working on it for about a year now, and I'm getting close to a semi-final version. I always liked typefaces that I can both use as a serious workhorse and for creative playing. NOVA has all that (imho)!

The ones who are following me on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, have seen this font before and also reacted on it (very positive I must say). Here's one of the latest discussions about NOVA on Typophile:

body copy for knitting pattern


I'm designing a website and downloadable pdfs of knitting patterns. I used archer and gotham for headline and subcategories respectively for online and pdfs. I used arial for body copy online. what font to use for body copy on pdfs? I know arial is based on helvetica, but it looks much too wide, and narrow much too narrow. I like gill sans but the number "1"s look like lower case "L"s. yuck.
anyone have any advice? thank you!

[PDF attachment removed due to copyright violation]

Dezen - new release by DizajnDesign


I am happy to announce Dezen, my new release!

Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to enhance its rhythm. Its tight letter spacing and narrow proportions make the typeface particularly well suited for display sizes and headlines. When you add spacing, font can be used for shorter amount of text, bigger than 12 points.

The Dezen type family consists of a wide variety of styles – solid and stencil. The Dezen Pro subfamily combines all 4 styles (Solid, Stencil 01, Stencil 02, Stencil 03) in a specific sequence, which originates a “pattern” for the alphabet (or dezen, in Slovak).

Dezen Pro Regular is for free!

Buying information: