Credit Union Logo

I am working on the logo redesign of E&P Federal Credit Union and would like some input on what I have so far. For a little background, E&P has been the federal credit union for employees of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (hence E&P) but they are looking for a brand new look as their clientele demographic and business model shifts. Their main group of members now come from both a few local colleges and employees of the environmental protection agency. They are also planning to shut down many branches and become more of a virtual financial institution, where almost all banking services would occur through a new website.

What they want to say with their new look:
• Professional and trusted
• Helping the environment (by going all virtual)
• Friendly/personal
• Secure

Forest Layout

Second iteration of a logo I did last year. Trying to fix it up for this years event, but something looks off too me. This stacked version is the primary lockup we'll be using it in, but the type seems off to me. The typeface and the mark aren't up for changes, but help with the arangement in a stacked version would be great.

Any thoughts?