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slab serif

High Contrast Serif for Flag


Hi everyone!

I'm currently working on some type design for a flag for my thesis show. Both the sans and serif are bespoke. The high contrast serif was very loosely based on Times New Roman and infused with the Didone theme. While comments on any of the characters would be greatly appreciated, I am struggling with the numeral nine. Can it deviate from the vertical axis, reflecting Times? Or, should it conform to the vertical axis? (Both nines are preliminary as well as the metrics.)

Thanks so much!

Super Slabs


Hello everyone, I am a student and designed this extreme-contrast slab serif font in a 10 week typeface design course. The basis of my inspiration was on a single letter I found. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this, minor or major, so that I can continue building this to be better. Thanks!

Is a slab serif like Sentinel or Clarendon a good choice for body text?

Hi friends, I am using Whitney font for headlines and I am thinking of using Sentinel for body text. Wondering if anybody has any comments about this choice since its a slab serif like Clarendon and so I am not sure if those fonts are meant more to be used for headlines reather than body text. So if you have any insights about this they would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

And here is a link to the Sentinel font:


Children's magazine body copy font

Hello, I'm looking for a highly legible font for use in body copy, cutlines, and possibly heads and sub heads for a children's magazine (ages 9-13).
I need a contemporary and friendly look . Must be easy to read, and have some character while being the neutral font to some animated display fonts.
The magazine content is science-oriented and educational, packaged in a cool, entertaining way.
Definitely not stereotypical (no Clarendon, or New Century Schoolbook as much as I like them). Because the magazine includes both genders, and softer, human content, I don't want a cold. science-y looking font.

Bommer Slab


Hello guys, I'm writing to present my new font family called Bommer Slab.

About the Project:
Bommer project started in January of 2014 and I am happy to announce the first family - Bommer Slab - is now ready for release. This family includes 14 weights - been seven uprights and seven italics.

This font has a strong personality, that makes it perfect for use in headline sizes but means it also works gracefully within text blocks.

Bommer Slab is just the beginning: a rounded version will be launched next month (May 2014) and condensed and sans versions are estimated for the second semester of 2014.

Website: http://dootype.com/bommer

Myfonts: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/dootype/bommer-slab/

Eduilson Coan

Round Slab Serif with Contrasting Italics

I'm looking for a slab serif with open shapes and contrasting italics. I really love Salvo Serif, with its round O and in general very open round counters: http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/salvoserif/

However, its italics are really just oblique:

Does anyone know of a similar font with true italics?

Suggestions for a Slab Serif that reads well in digital implementation at all sizes?


I've just been handed an important piece of work generated elsewhere which extensively uses Bodoni throughout web and app implementation. Before I throw my toys out of the pram I'd like to go in with an alternative slab that reads well at all sizes in the digital sphere. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thankin' you in advance

Book text


I am in the midst of choosing typefaces for a book, and I just need to get out of my own head for a bit! The book is a fairly large-format (9x12), with good production values. The subject matter is largely historical, with many vintage photographs along with a smaller number of new images. There are a few sections of text, along with extended captions for all the images. So I want highly legible, not too compressed, slight vintage feel, with lots of layout flexibility, and possibly/probably paired with Avenir Next (mainly in some maps or other graphics).

Closest match to this book cover c. 1936 - script and slab

Hi, typophiles,

Can anyone identify something close to either of these two typefaces on this book cover? (Jan Huizinga, In the Shadow of Tomorrow, 1936)?

I realize it's hand-lettered, but anything close as a starting place would be a big help - with some attention to the detail/peculiarities, if possible.


Common slab serif

Hi -- trying to figure out the slab serif in this infographic -- I think this is a very common one, but for some reason I am having some trouble putting my finger on it -- I imagine you all can figure it out in 2 secs, so I thought I'd post -- thanks in advance.

Looking for light squarish slab serifs

I am looking for a thin slab serif that has a bit of a contemporary or "tech" like feel without being cheesy. I have looked at http://Apex Serif, Gingar, Soho, and http://Vitesse. These are all pretty close to what I want, but I am wondering what else is out there. Any ideas of other fonts in a similar vein?

Slab Serif for Watercolor Logo?



I'm designing a logo for a school project that is for a bird sanctuary. I am doing a watercolor wing,
and would like to figure out the proper type to go with it. I like the contrast between having
a watercolor with a slab serif, but want to see what others think.

The name is called:

Arbutus Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Slab Happy - a layered typographic system


Inspired by neutral slab serifs with an added twist, Slab Happy is a typographic system consisting of eight layerable fonts with infinite combinations. Slab Happy looks best when set in display sizes, but functions just as well at smaller point sizes.

The complete Slab Happy family consists of: Regular, Bold, Outline, 3D, Stitches, Fill, Shadow, and Crosshatch.

Slab Happy