SARK Brief; Research [part 2]

Back to the research, I looked at various graphic designers like Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Walter Landor and Charmayoff & Geismar amongst other designers. These were all quiet inspirational to my ideas generation, especially Paul Rand's logo designs. Rand's logos were just in a class of there own when it came to simplicity and style. Yeah, I've seen them all before from previous research finds, but every time I look at them they still look timeless and amaze me how well they explain the brand.

SARK Brief; Research [part 1]

Being my very first real life brief I was quiet excited to start this work, since I have only just entered my 2nd year on my university course.
The brief was to create a logo design for a newly invented slash proof material, which is better than Kevlar, tested and proven. We had to bare in mind 4 key words, being; Protection, Safety, Innovative and Futuristic, also we had to make sure the design could still be easily recognisable on a smaller scale e.g. clothes label size, since that is where the logo will be seen most of the time.

ecoLOGIC Poster Brief [part 1]

I got a brief the other day that is basically aimed at promoting; saving the earth. My first thoughts about it was, great, this should be pretty straight forward to research and generate ideas from.
So, I got right onto having a little mind-mapping session on my, freshly bought, layout pad. It went pretty well the mind-mapping as I got a fairly strong idea to start off with, not that it mattered at this stage, since I now needed to go and do some research to fill the empty gaps of knowledge I was missing out on. The research proved useful, as always. I now had some more ideas, some good, or so I think, and some bad, pretty standard at this point.

Protocol for dealing with communication design clients.

Hi guys,

I recently started working as a freelancer and have started taking on a few jobs. I was wondering what the protocol you all had for dealing with clients. I usually start with an insanely detailed design brief that highlights the project, the deliverables, timeline, schedule, deadlines, the prerequisite materials being handed over, examples of what to do, examples of what NOT to do etc. I've been trying to leave as little ambiguity in the air before starting a project. Is this correct? can you think of any books or resources i ought to reference?


How do you usually bill clients? Hourly? Standard rate dependent on product etc?

Utterly confused,