Hi Guys,

I need to draw upon your expertise again. I'm having difficulty identifying the two typefaces (the main one and the numbers on the sides) for this pre- WW1 Germany bank note. Thanks in advance.


I'd like to know the name of the typeface used to spell out the face values (e.g. ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS) on the 2007 and 2008 Zimbabwean banknote series. According to Wikipedia, the earliest of these notes were printed in October 2006.

Hey all.

I am a new font designer (though not new to the art of typography) and I have recently finished creating my first completed font. It's a TrueType font. It's a highly original and stylish display type of font.

Anyway, I was thinking I was gonna try to make some money with it, and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some guidance and advice. Anything I should know about finding and dealing with a distributor? Do I need to make them sign something to keep from getting ripped off if they prove to be scandalous? (I'm always suspicious I guess)

I'd rather not have to market it myself even if I had my own website, setting up a shopping cart system etc..

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I was hoping I could get some comments and criticism on this item. It's a postcard being sent out as an invitation to my portfolio show, and I am hoping to develop 2 or 3 full size posters further developing the idea of creativity as a currency. Any and all comments welcome!

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