sans serif

Looking for a font similar to this... 60's / 70's Utilitarian / Cold War

Hi there,

I'm looking for a font that is similar to this one:

This would have been fine but the 'S' has been really lazily executed, so I refuse to use it as it would bug the hell out of me. Any suggestions would be welcome.




Hi all,

I've been working on and off on this typeface for the last few months. While I did start creating one a few years ago, I'd consider this my first "real" attempt at a full font. While a lot of the details are more suited to display purposes, I'm also trying to make it work at smaller sizes (maybe a separate text version?).

I haven't really shown it to many people yet and I'd like to know what you think and if it's worth continuing with. I'm mainly concerned about it looking too amateur-ish and wanted to know if there are any glaring beginner mistakes/things I've missed.

(x) Midcentury Font from Eichler Brochure / wide grotesque - various suggestions {gang}

Can anyone tell me what the title font is on this 1950s Eichler brochure? Or something similar. Century Gothic is close but not quite right.

I'm looking to use something similar in a poster that I'm gonna do up with a vintage electronics look.

Calligraphic sans serif


Sans serif has been considered a more constructed in form than serif faces. And rightly so. It has none of those pesky serifs pointing out, and therefore it is more stable.

I made something different; the form of this sans serif is a narrow basic form, but with counter forms I did something different. Counters have distinct sharp forms in upper left and lower right corners, to simulate a traditional nib point pen:

I've gone through all my reference books from photo composition to Enschede sample book, and also MyFonts to find a similar approach to a sans serif, but couldn't find any.

What do you think?

Gecko (previously Melia)


Here's another project, currently titled Melia. It's a friendly agate design, maybe less successful at its intended size than as a magazine headline font. It's also surprisingly readable on screen even without hinting.

I think some of the proportions are slightly off but need some fresh eyes to tell me which bits. And I should expect my spacing is way too tight as usual :P

Thanks in advance guys :)

Matching a Latin font to Hebrew


The Mike Hebrew font family has a set of Latin characters. Getting the Hebrew and Latin to match is not at all straightforward indeed Latin and Hebrew are incompatible in both metrics and style.

At first I took Tuffy for the Latin with few modifications but now I'm attempting to design a new Latin alphabet.

Here is an example. My goal is that the Latin should be unobtrusive in its secondary role. Please help me get a good set of Latin characters.


How did the term 'Humanist' become attached to Sans Serifs?

It seems that the term 'Humanist' in typography is used solely to describe a certain type of sans serif. But is this really a reference to the renaissance Humanist scribe hands? If so why is the term not used for serifed typefaces that are directly related to this humanist hand?
Does anyone know when the history of when term was first 'coined' in regards to sans serif. Was it just an attempt to categorise, or maybe a commercial reason, to set a typeface design as different from the rest by giving it an saleable tag, one that gave it a mystique, esteem or historical cogitation.
Humanism also has many non-typographic meanings. What does this tag imply to you as designers?

Typography/Logotype Icon Doyald Young Releases THE DOYALD YOUNG COLLECTION Boxed Set


Master typographer Doyald Young has released THE DOYALD YOUNG COLLECTION, the boxed reference set of the celebrated graphic design icon's three acclaimed books on type, font and logotype design. Mr. Young is a recipient of the 2009 AIGA Gold Medal, is a Fellow of the AIGA, and is the Inaugural Master at Art Center College of Design, where he has taught typography and lettering for more than three decades.

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