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sans serif

Plau! New font by Niramekko


Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce a fresh new face from Niramekko. Plau is the name and it's available at MyFonts: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/niramekko/plau/

The description:
Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text.

Also looks quite interesting on the screen.

Hope you guys like it.

Gothic (sans) and Gothic (Fraktur)

I have not been able to find out why san serif fonts such as Franklin Gothic are called Gothic. Fraktura and similar blackletter typefaces are also called Gothic. Can anyone point me to a book/text/site, where this difference — or similarity in name — originated? Or, may I hear from an expert in the house?



My new project, a compact, solidly constructed realist sans serif that draws its influences from Germany.

It's only got one weight right now (hopefully over time I'll make this a large font family with 6 or 7 weights). I'd love some help getting the rhythm and consistency just right. I can spend hours just focused on one glyph, so it's hard to remember sometimes how crucial rhythm, weight and color are as well.

I just built it from scratch in 48 hours, but any input would be much appreciated!


! UPDATE (2/21): New pdf here!

Hey Guys! Need a quick font match for this picture

Hey Guys! Need a quick font match for the picture below, it looks like a font I recognise as being fairly familiar, quality of image isn't that great as it's from a low res file, trying to bring the logo into Vector form so would be nice to be able to retype all the words!

Thanks for all your help!

Basa Nova


I have never draw in fontlab alone before, most of the time I draw the glyphs in Illustrator piece by piece merging each objects and pasting it inside fontlab prior to tweaking. This is my first try to draw every glyphs in fontlab so please bear with me =)

I'll name it Basa Nova for the meantime until I can think of something better. Basa means "read" in my native language and because it was intended to be a text face which readability is important, I decided to name it this way.

I'm not sure if some of the letterforms do make sense at all but I kinda like it subtlety when it is set into a running texts, though I might be wrong too.

Only lowercase letters for now and currently designing the uppercase as of this writing. Do you think it is worth pushing for?

Looking for a Squared B-Movie Font.

I'm doing the corporative design for a tshirt brand. I want the aesthetics of the b-movies but i dont want it to look trashy or bad-designed for the people that dont are used to that style.

I had found 2 options but i want more.

I though i could use perforama (the second one) but the A had so diagonal angles and the rest of the word that is the name of the brand has a lot of O and M and square things so it was a little problematic.

What do you suggest?

ID a quasi-neo sans/neo tech sans serif for expo xi'an 2011

Hi, guys.

Anyone has an idea what typeface it is in the logo. My first thought is it's slim and flat version of neo sans/tech, but not sure. Or is it a custom font? Thanks in advance. BTW, I didn't try whatthefont.

PS: it's the logo for the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an (where I am in), but it's not a good news for us.That's another story.

Thistle: a friendly display face with an edge


This is a concept I've had for a while, that I've only recently began to digitize. It started from the idea of an i, in which the principal stroke and the tittle form a diagonal slice. Here's my original freehand sketch:

I wanted to perhaps turn this idea into a legible gothic typeface with a high x-height, round, open letterforms, and ascenders/descenders/tittles with slanted, angular ends. Here it is digitized in Fontographer:

The lowercase letterforms:

At the moment, Thistle seems better suited for a display font (it could make an excellent logotype). It's surprisingly legible at smaller sizes (although much of the distinguishing slanted strokes and tittles become lost).