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Tipos Latinos

Gandhi bookstore gives typeface for free

Gandhi, the biggest bookstore chain in Mexico is giving away a full type family named Gandhi. The web page states that the typeface will ease Mexican's reading by: having big body size, being light and thus achieving ideal weight when printed under less than ideal conditions by ink spread (the page cites inkjet printing), unadorned and undistracting, designed for body copy but friendly when used big.

Gandhi has been known for one of the longest and more memorable ad campaigns in Mexico: http://gandhi.com.mx/index.cfm/Publicidad and this typeface seems to be part of the advertising strategy, "To make you read" (Mexico has a real low reading rate.).

Opening of TL2010 Chile

The first exhibition of Tipos Latinos 2010 opened in Santiago, Chile, on April 14th 2010. The program of activities included two days of lectures at the Centro Cultural de España. Scaglione was the keynote speaker on the first day, with a lecture entitled "Shaping Types" that focuses on typography for editorial design. On the second day, Isaías Loaiza presented a lecture about corporate fonts and the role of typography in a corporate id program. The TiposLatinos 2010 exhibition includes two typefaces by TypeTogether: Karmina Sans and Adelle. The photo in this story is courtesy of Consuelo Saavedra.

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