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Please help - looking for a good typeface/font match

I'm new to Typophile, so please forgive me (and re-direct me if you know otherwise) if this has been posted in the wrong forum topic!

I've recently created a logo design for a bespoke fashion brand using the typeface Lulo Clean One Bold (see: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/yellow-design/lulo-clean/) and I'm trying to put together the rest of the brand identity.

Straw Poll: Slab vs Serif


Here's a logo that we designed for a client who's going to be selling luxury goods online. Since the main thing was "luxury" we wanted to use a mink to create a kind of "monogram" with the D.

As it turned out, minks aren't very pretty so we kept using a squirrels as reference. When it was done, it looked nothing like a mink anymore, but we had all fallen in love with it, so it's staying.

What I am really curious about is what you guys think about the choice of typefaces. The client is a big believer of polls and I want to see if there is a difference between his results and mine. Just for fun.

Please tell me which of the three options you like best. I'm hoping to get as many votes as possible so that there's a halfway decent sample size. Thanks!

(x) Balenciaga Logo Font ? / wide grotesque - probably custom, similar to Blair, Engravers Gothic, Sackers {Marc O, Riccardo}


What is the font used for Balenciaga's Logo? I really like the sleek aesthetic. Thanks for any help!