Not the best image to show my own version of this weird but beautiful script style, inspired on 1883 James West "Hoyt Script", here I just try to do a very wide range of alternate gliph designs, and hope to have some digital examples to show all of you here or anywhere.

Any kind of criticism are very well welcomed.

LEGAN is a font that follow the classical Trajan pattern, with Lower Cases now, following exactly several geometrical proportion like root five and divine proportion (Golden Rectangle), same like Greek Trajan Upper Cases used at TRAJAN COLUMN. LEGAN creation processes include drawing and calligraphic artwork studies too.

Hi fellas!
I was make a new font thinking in posters design, my inspiration was the "Ton" shape then leave really soft curves for each line that we need to solve.. hope you like it and if you want drop a comment or critique.
regard mates


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Hi Typophilian Mates

I just done a new fontface design.. called "Serifada" based on concept of Chilean Hitory.. following some aesthetics and synesthetic asociations. Although this can be clasified like display that hard serif and broken shapes help to make a better readable text. I don't an expert but I done some test and run so well on small sizes.

I hope get your opinions and critiques

Pedro [PeGGO]

NOTE: The old name "Politica" belong to Ale Paul font, an now my design name has been changed by "Politic"

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