I'm not much of an Apple fanboy but I couldn't help but notice the font in their watch UI, it seems like a mix of Univers and DIN, like it's engraved, maybe they wanted to suggest a classic machined quality to the product.

A good thing they are drifting away from Helvetica.

Does anyone know something about it?

I am trying to identify the font for "valuation advisors" in this logo. I believe it is a Univers font but can't find the perfect match. Thank you for helping!

I'm hoping there are some former phototypesetting workers on here or possibly some folks who are knowledgeable in that area. I'm desperately hoping to accurately ascertain a certain font used in various magazines in the 1980s. I've included some examples below from three separate magazines.

Here are the examples:



(Left side)

The fonts are neither Signa nor Univers (the G and 9 are slightly different). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!

Hi everyone,
We recently released a new Corporate Design featuring Univers and Univers Condensed. It all works – great.
However the client s not willing to boy the 100+ licenses to get the fonts onto it employees computers for daily use on stationary etc.
So now I am looking for a substitute that ships with the standard Windows 7 package and resembles Univers and Univers Condensed as closely as possible. Unfortunately I am working on a Mac so I don’t have access to the entire Windows 7 library to try it out myself.
Anyone have any ideas, maybe even faced a similar issue in the past?
Any tips or recommendations are highly appreciated

After almost seven years of putting it off the time has finally come to assemble a portfolio and stationary etc. Over the last few months I've been looking at a number of typefaces to use for 'branding' myself so to speak and have almost certainly settled on Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed Light and Regular.

The things I love –

  • The vertical sides to the C, D, G, O and Q characters.
  • It's subtly square–ish appearance (for example the bowl on the P and R characters).
  • The straight diagonal leg of the R character.
  • It's history and heritage.
  • I love condensed fonts.
  • It is very utilitarian and simple.
    • The things I do not love –

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    Free alternative to Univers

    I'm looking for a free alternative to Univers that I can use in a design class for non-designers. It obviously need not be perfect, but somewhat similar and in a couple of weights. Your professional advice is highly appreciated!


    I’m looking for literature on neo-grotesque typefaces like Helvetica, Univers etc. … I’m very interested in profound knowledge on development and history. Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

    I am having some trouble discerning the better digitization of these three typefaces.

    There do appear to be some differences in them, not withstanding the face that Linotype Univers and Univers Next offer a far greater number of weights than Univers, as well as the more desirable ampersand; the cut (so to speak) appears different. Both Linotype Univers and Univers Next seem to have more modulation in the strokes, and Linotype Univers 430, which I assumed to be an equivalent to Univers 55, seems, well, heavier!

    Also, any idea which is closer to Frutiger's original design?

    Any help appreciated.

    Maax is a sans serif font with 3 sets of alternatives glyphes; standard, geometrical, grotesque
    Created by Damien Gautier and Quentin Margat (bureau 205)
    Maax contains 4 cuts (Regular, Medium, Bold and Black) and 3 italics (Italic, Medium Italic and Bold Italic).
    Maax will be available on february 2012 on www.editions205.fr


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    typesetting in Univers

    I am typesetting business cards and have come across a small problem. A person's name is Illingworth, and they specifically requested an "I" with serifs so one can differentiate it from the double L that follows. How would you go about doing this?

    • I tried leaving it in Univers and just adjusting the kerning between the I and double L.
    • I reluctantly tried reducing the vertical height of the double L, but ran into problems with the lowercase i that follows (Illingworth)

    Although the I is slightly thicker than a lowercase L, I certainly understand why this person would be annoyed, but I'm kind of at a loss. Here is how the kerning looks.

    (Top = normal; bottom = kerned.)

    Just before I woke up this morning, a MyFonts page flickered past my mind's eye. It showed a face named Universium. More info filtered in - it was a hybrid of Univers and Gentium.

    There you have it. It's now all up to you if you want to wail and gnash teeth or go ahead and hybridise them.

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me. What is this font? It's not Univers.

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    Univers with a stroke

    looking for a fresh pair of eyes, the attached looks very much like Univers 67 Bold Condensed with a stroke added, when I overlay it in Illustrator the only bits that fail to match are the start C. While I can amend this I's just like ot know if its an alternate cut of Univers or something else.

    Hi guys,

    I'm doing a project for the university wich consists in making a book about "Adrian Frutiger" and how he focusses on type legibility over any thing. So, I explain in it how he looked at the typography, how It must be done and why some ones are more readables than other ones (as for example, why Avenir is better for reading than Futura, as its like a re-design of it).

    So, the problem is that I'm getting stucked getting HQ photos of Frutiger types to put in the book, as Internet has not a lot of images from he / his types. Also I need them in HQ cause I'm making a 20x20 book, so the resolution have to be bigger and also have a good ppp, not 72 from screen wich is not enough...

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