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Square-Top Capital A (Flat with crossbar)

Hello! First post, and I hope its one you can sink your teeth into a little bit. (For context, this is for the sake of a design... I am not just looking for something to use).

I have been unable to find examples of a STRESSED SERIF typeface (or many typefaces at all) that include a squared capital A with tapered legs. I don't just mean a flat point, I mean a small crossbar at the top. (images attached) Maybe I am Googling the wrong terminology or something, but Identifont also offered nothing useful. A square-top 4 or a square-bottom V would be similarly interesting/useful.

Looking for light squarish slab serifs

I am looking for a thin slab serif that has a bit of a contemporary or "tech" like feel without being cheesy. I have looked at http://Apex Serif, Gingar, Soho, and http://Vitesse. These are all pretty close to what I want, but I am wondering what else is out there. Any ideas of other fonts in a similar vein?

The love child of Sweet Square & Durandal Flat??? o_o

Hi All!

This font is from a series of four teaser posters for the Green Lantern movie (2011), designed by Concept Arts.


Is it just a customised version of "MVB Sweet Square"? The I, E, & K seem quite different. I've found a bunch of similar fonts ("Aerotype Durandal Flat", "Piranha" by Nathan Caldecott, "Identikal Rally", "Identikal Rebirth", "FF Aircraft"), but no exact matches.

Also, how would one classify this font? A "chamfered angular square sans-serif"?

*** Bonus points if anyone can confirm whether the "2011" on the poster is even in the same font? ***

Andre Simard is proud to announce the release of Corbeau Pro family


June 30, 2012
I'm proud to announce the released of Corbeau Pro, my third typeface family. This typeface was created with the invaluable advice of Fred Smeijers and the support of Corina Cotorobai and Rudy Geeraerts from Ourtype Foundry.

Type ID of modern, futuristic and square font similar to Eurostile


i spent one full day on looking for a font as close as possible to this one. Now i found this site and i really hope someone here might help out.
My best guess is its a modification or mixture of Tenby Seven Light and Eurostile Extended #2.


Custom Face For Logotype


Hello, I've been working on some custom lettering that could potentially be used for our agency's corporate identity (if it turns out good enough). I'm at the point where I've been tweaking it and staring at it way too long, and can't tell what's working and what's not. Any feedback on overall balance, consistency, weight, color, etc. would be much appreciated. I'm not a type designer, so please don't omit any obvious issues!

(Don't pay any mind to the words themselves. They are just randomly chosen so I'm not showing everyone who I work for.)


(x) The New Garden - NEW Madison Square Garden Flash Site typeface - Trade Gothic {Ryuk}

Hello All,

Looking to identify the primary typeface used on this site: http://msg.cordonmedia.com/msg.php

It resembles New Republic but the characters are wider & there is a noticeable difference between the "S"
and New Republic's "S". This also seems to be a "light" type version & I do believe New Republic does not
have a light version.

Once the site load's select the center option "THE SUITE EXPERIENCE" once all of the animation finishes you'll
see a title (top left) "SUITES AT THE GARDEN" it's a great example of the differences between the "S" character.

Any help in identifying this typeface would be much appreciated.