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Caecilia and the Kindle

I've always been fond of Caecilia.

I don't have a Kindle, but if I did, I wonder if I'd become so accustomed to seeing Caecilia on that little monochrome screen every day that it might start to look odd to me when I see it IRL. So ever since the first Kindle came out, I have an extra little hesitation to work through before using Caecilia in a project.

Am I being too sensitive?

Any recommendations for a slab serif with a cyrillic character set? It would have to have an @font-face license. Looking for something in the neighborhood of Archer, Caecilia, Centro, Copse, Ernestine, Museo, Serifa. Centro may work, but looking for some other options. Thanks!

I'm working on a booklet, and was wondering if these two typefaces, Frutiger (sans serif) and Caecilia (slab serif) would work well together. Frutiger would be used in headings/subheads, while Caecilia would be applied to body text.

Anyone have experience with these two typefaces?

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