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Compiling fonts into menus

I'm getting tired of many of my fonts being listed separately rather than compiled as typefaces. I'm wondering if there's any software or script out there which does this for you automatically. I don't want to have to open each font, change the font info and generate each font individually in order to clean up my font menu.

Hi there, i'm tryng to find the type of font of this menu title, is the one that say "AQUI HACEMOS TODO CON FRUTA 100% NATURAL", means something like "here we do everything with 100% natural fruit", i thing is the same that say "Smoothies".
i will be very gratefully if somebody can help me, thanks

I recently had the pleasure of eating at Maudie's and experiencing DJ Stouts menus first hand (didn't initially know he designed them), and am curious what font is used for "queso" and "happy hour" on the right side of the layout

Weingut Script Flourish is a decorative display font with high contrasts, perfectly drawn to the tiniest details. The font is trimmed to fairly large font sizes and is highly suitable for chapter titles or book jackets as well as Headlines, Invitations and wine labels, although also impressing with an astounding legibility in small typesettings. Inspired by the hand drawn Blätterschrift from the 19th century Mettenleiter’s Schriftenmagazin, its basic structure is related to the English Script. The creative process started in summer 2009 and after 600 hours of work, over a 2 year period, Weingut now unfolds to reveal all its charms.
Created by Georg Herold-Wildfellner.

Design with bicoloured capitals:

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Font of a Menu :)

I fall in love at first sight with this font.
I tried with whatthefont, but it didn't find the exact match.

Someone can help me? Thank you very much! :D

I spotted a nice font on the Sonic menu a few weeks back, and today I saw it also featured on the menu at Steak 'n Shake. I've searched high and low and I can't find! It's driving me nuts.

Here's two examples from Sonic (sorry for the lack of size):

And two from Steak 'n Shake:

I thought about it being a corporate font, but I am not sure that the same company owns both places. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey guys,

Client had to use free fonts

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