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Unknown sharp comic horror-like font - what is this?

If there are any comic fonts experts, can someone prompt me what is this interesting sharp comic font, used in the comic book named Cairo (a graphic novel by G.Willow Wilson, 2009)? It resembles both sans-serif and horror fonts but I've never seen a similar one in comic fonts weblists. If it cannot be identified, then maybe someone knows any similar comic or non-comic font with such the sharp features?

EMM Camping cars - Hybrid sharp/rounded geometric sansserif font

The main image is a 1-bit scan from the logo that i received printed on a letterhead (or a business card) many years ago but i don't have the original anymore.

On the website of the company http://www.emm-camping-car.com/ we can find only this small color image…

…that allows to guess that the baseline "Europe Matériel Maintenance" (that reminds Triplex) is in the same font than "EMM" (the M looks similar despite of its microscopical size) (it was more obvious on the printed document that i had). Unfortunately there is nowhere on the site any bigger logo.

Mynaruse Royale, an expansion of Mynaruse with script capitals.


Mynaruse Royale is an expansion of Mynaruse Titling. It features script capitals and widely tracked and smaller titling capitals. Mynaruse Royale has plenty of character and, with its powerful and sharp serifs that draw the eye. Mynaruse Royale is useful in settings that call for titling with an extra touch of elegance, such as a storefront, wedding program or formal invitation.
Mynaruse Royale contains a number of OpenType alternates, including alternate forms for the capitals that are large, drop cap like capitals instead of the calligraphic script capitals found in the default forms. Additionally there are non widely tracked lowercase forms that work well with the included alternate characters and ligatures.