I made this font in December of 2013. It is not truly handwritten but has an artificial handwritten style (originally designed in Inkscape with the pen tool). I do release my fonts for free on such sites as Dafont...so I am aware they are not super professional looking. However, I would like to update my fonts -one at a time- and make them better.

I want to keep the font true to its original style/personality, but I'd like to tweak it a bit and make it even better. I will definitely be improving the kerning.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks!

(I am not sure if I can attached or link to the font file itself for further analyzing?)

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What is this Unicase font

Can someone tell me what this unicase font is please


After generating my font I try it in MS Word and all of descenders and ascenders of font are cut off.
This strange effect have place in big sizes as 72pt etc.
As I understand the problem goes to font info but... settings is standart. Maybe the cause is font unicase and something wrong with value of Cap-height or x-height?..

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When merely "extended" just would not do, here is Paragraph Stretch™: a super extended or elongated geometric display typeface. It is a modular unicase typeface: the capitals and lower case fit the same height and width, so they are interchangeable: fancy a round "W" in all caps? Use the lower case. Want a straight "x" in lower case? Use the cap. And so on. Designed for use at larger sizes for logotypes, short titles or headings. It supports Western plus Nordic, Eastern European and Turkish languages.

Available from MyFonts.

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Square unicase font

Resized and resampled picture of the font :

This from a book about guitars http://www.lamartinieregroupe.com/assets/images/livre/medium/97823542506...
The "b" seems to be the most particular character of the font.
The font appears on every page of the book but not on the cover, all those pictures are from the site of the editor :

I've been trying to create a website for my software design company and, at least for some of its functions, I think a unicase sans-serif font would look good. I used some font creation software to create a unicase version of Myriad Pro, but it's nothing polished—I'm only an amateur at typography. It represents the basic look of the unicase font I'd like to see, but do you know of any already-created fonts that might bear some resemblance to it? I included in the title of my post the phrase, "the new standard", because I feel as if some of the existing unicase fonts aren't quite up to par with the "classics" of Helvetica, Myriad, Frutiger, etc.

Retro-futuristic unicase with alternates and ligatures, specially designed for magazine headlines and cheerful logos.
Inspired by the art deco geometry and late 2000s trends in graphic design. Works well as text pattern.
It is better suited for large type sizes.

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Free available on [Bad link]

Hello everybody!

Plz help me? I'm newer here. I made questions to somebody how I said "unicase" in Spanish and Italian, but nobody knew. I searched for this word in every dictionaries, but I didn't find almost in any dictionaries or in any translations. You already know what unicase is. It's a speciman of typeface, like Alphabet 26 and Filosofia Unicase.

1) How do I say "unicase" in Spanish and Italian?
2) How do I define "unicase"?


Kevin from Canada

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