Hide Your Arms post featuring 250 beautiful typographic t-shirts

We're proud to announce that the UK t-shirt blog Hide Your Arms is featuring 5 TypographyShop tees in their post on 250 beautiful typographic t-shirts: http://bit.ly/azJcrZ

Only a portion are truly about typography, but all of the shirts feature distinctive typographic treatments.

Well Kerned and Letterspaced: New from TypographyShop

My outfit TypographyShop recently released two new shirts chosen by our buyers from a number of themes related to letterspacing.

Well Kerned is a simple statement set in Neuzit S Book Heavy and printed in white on an American Apparel black Fine Cotton Jersey T-Shirt. Letterspaced, a phrase that could be interpreted a number of ways is set in Trade Gothic Bold Condensed 20 and printed in white on a black American Apparel tee.

Both are on pre-release sale untill August 15th. Just 17.99 for men, 18.99 for women.

(x) please help me find this t-shirt font :) / 'Make it Rain': informal sans - Caraway Gold {Mike Y}

Yeah, that's probably not the best topic-title..
Anyway - I found this nice t-shirt design over at bustedtees.com and quite like the font used for the "make it rain" - now if i could only find it somewhere.. or something similar, at least. But i don't even know where to start looking.
Any help would be appreciated. :)