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Find/Change (Multiple Date Changes in one Find) - InDesign CS5 or earlier

ID geniuses, got a question for your gigantic brains.

This may or may not be an easy one...

I doing a lot of production work now and I'd like to create a Find/Change or a GREP search that will allow me to change multiple dates at once.

the format changes from file to file and usually follows these 4 formats and its also possible that all 4 formats could be used in one document.

XX/XX/XX (8 characters)

XX/XX/10 (8 characters)

XX/XX/2010 (10 characters)

9/26/10 - wrong date in-place. (6 – 8 characters depending on the month)

Instead of having 4 different searches, is it possible to do one search that look for any/all of these text formats and change them at once?


Custom kerning in InDesign (GREP workflow writeup)


While InDesign CS4 doesn't feature a kerning table, it does support GREP styles, which can be used to apply custom kerning values to extended text settings. Because I haven't seen this documented in a truly helpful way (not that I've looked too hard) and some peeps have asked about it, here's a quick writeup of a possible procedure. Maybe if some of you have corrections or suggestions how to do it better, we can put together a killer workflow. (Scuse the atypically looong post… I figured Typophile was still the best place to put this.)

So in the text above, note the absence of a kern pair for «Tó» while «To» looks fine.

Step 1: Kern the pair manually, once.