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Today, Monotype announced the release of a collection of typefaces designed for digital reading environments, including e-books, web content, mobile applications, digital publications and online newspapers. Device manufacturers, digital publishers and Web designers can now turn to a selection that includes some of the most popular text faces used in print – designed and tuned for exceptional readability on e-readers, tablets, smartphones and other web-enabled devices.

Monotype’s initial collection includes multiple weights of nine typeface families, designated for digital publishing:

I'm helping a classmate look for any info. leading to samples of Jan Tschichold's Saskia typeface. To our knowledge, it hasn't been digitized, but it's also difficult to find any printed samples or images online. Any help would be appreciated.


I am doing a magazine re-design and have been looking for a typeface family on a budget.

The typefaces I have looked into are:

- Farnham
- Whitman
- Chaparral
- PF Centro Serif

Can anyone suggest an ALTERNATIVE typeface family (of similar nature to the above listed) that is available in a PRO version (of at least 4-5 fonts including regular, bold, italic and small caps) that sells for under $50?

This also may not be possible... but one must hope.

T H A N K S !

- Jaz

mrjono's picture

Sabon-esque book serif


I'm trying to source the name of this font. The closest I can find is Sabon, but the K and the descenders don't seem to match.

Any ideas?


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