I recently moved into a marketing position for a new winery called Firehouse Wine Cellars, but I can't stand the logo they are using. It's wrong in a million different ways (copperplate, unbalanced, palace script - see for yourself).
They want to keep a vintage feeling and use of a maltese cross. I was thinking about using something like LHF Old Tom for heading text, but am not sure what to pair it with or how to incorporate a maltese cross. Please help! I've hit a block!

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Letterhead Old Stock 2

Does anybody knows how to make a shadowed font like Letterhead's Old Stock 2? Thank you for sharing.

hello everyone !! i'm new here. here's my first font basingstoke
Basingstoke is old fashioned typeface. inspired by old letterheads from the 19th century.
Find out more:
some preview:

thanks !!

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Display serif

Anyone know what this typeface is? "Ethical Trade" header: http://www.graphic-exchange.com/images2012/03identity/behance-july12/jac...

I've seen it before somewhere but can't remember the name

Hello, I am happy to finally announce the release of my new typeface!

Rukou -- a geometric-script typeface influenced by schoolhand
More info and buy

This is a multi-generation copy of a letterhead, probably created in Windows. I need the font or something similar for Indesign on a Mac. It would be great if you could identify.

Need to id this for work...not sure if the little points halfway up the strokes have been added or not (what do you call those? filligrees? spurs?).

thx ya'll

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