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Booster Rounded Sans

Hi there

Looking for some improvements and comments for this rounded sans i'm making.
It's my first effort to do a complete typeface.
I've attached a pdf to closer inspection.
Thanks in advance for any contribution to evolve.


Does anyone recognise this font?

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Can't ID this font

I can identify this font - can anyone help identify this typeface? Its very similar to Frutiger, but it is not. :(

Many thanks in advance!

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Sans from Arnhem Mode Biennale

I've attached an image and more can be seen here:

Curious to know if this is a commercially available typeface. Shares similarities with that in use for Kaleidoscope magazine, Snowden Blue and Verities magazine.

Any help appreciated—particularly similarities with the 'W'.

Hello all! I recently launched a new font design project on Kickstarter:

The font is a geometric sans serif type family, but what makes it unique is that the condensed weights are straight-sided, not squished ovals like all other geometric type families out there.

Please pass the word along to your designer/type loving friends! I really want to be able to create this cool new typeface but without the funding there is no way I will have the free time to work on it.


Richard Miller
Miller Type Foundry

From a great Berlin exhibition that revolves around the Whole Earth Catalog and its impact. It looks a lot like Nick Shinn's Figgins Sans to me, but it's different in some (obvious) details: ascender-to-cap ratio, the t, the, r, the f... Maybe custom modifications?

Hello there!

Does anyone perhaps know what typeface this is?

I would appreciate any help, as I really like this font!

Thanks in advance,

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Rounded sans serif


Can anyone tell me what font this is?

Hey all, any ideas what this is?



Hello community,

I'm looking for the ID's of the sans font & the script font used on this town sign. The sign is located in Sky Valley, California, USA. Any ID's of similar fonts are also very welcome.

Thanks in advance for helping

Cheers from Berlin

Picture credit goes to:

We are looking for sans sefic faces that are really spacially economical with as large an x-height as possible for setting the nutritional info on some food packaging we are designing. The packaging is subject to some very tight guidelines and we are looking for a face that has a large x-height, is spacially economical but is not a condensed face. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Hi! I'm new to the forum, so thanks for helping me out. :)

I'm looking hard for a font family for a new website project that is very similar to Museo Sans, but that is a little simpler like Avenir Next. I like Museo Sans because it has some personality, but I like the simplicity of a geometric sans like Avenir Next. Futura is way too geometric and "Intro" font is too stylized.

Saw this at Whole Foods the other day and am hoping someone can help identify it... thanks so much

Hi Typophiles,

Wondering if you could help me out with IDing the fonts used on this site: Sous Style. I've also attached a screen shot.

It looks like they're using a serif (in the CSS it specifies Baskerville, but I've not known Baskerville to look like that) and an unknown "Geometric Light" embedded typeface - but I'm having no luck identifying either.

Thanks much!!

In the April 7th 2013 issue of New York Times Magazine, they use a rounded-condensed Sans Serif that has square tops (sorry for the incorrect terminology) on the capital A. Anyone know what this is or who makes it? (See attached image)

Hello guys, could you please help me identify these two sans fonts? First in "MARKET" and then in "Pila Lidecko".

These are parts of a logotype for a local groceries in Southern Moravia for which an unknown designer used these two fonts to easily define their basic CID elements.

I am supposed to work with it further but am unable to define these fonts using both my knowledge and known online sources (what-the-font etc.).

Thank you very much for you time and effort. Greatly appreciated in advance :-)

This is terribly close to Kievit/Milo (or a mix of the too) but maybe there's something out there on their flavor. Anyone?

Before the Haas Type Foundry released Helvetica in 1957, constructivist sans serif fonts were classified as Grotesk, a term that reflected the dismissive notion of typesetters in previous times. It was Art Deco and the Bauhaus movement, along with modernist architecture, fresh ideas and stricter shapes in interior design, a style influenced by industrial and technological developments, that made Grotesk fonts more popular over time.

Hi Folks,

I just released my first font in MyFonts. It's a text sans. If it makes success, I'll make a Cyrilic. Hope you like it! Here is a description:

Inspired by Italian Renaissance fonts like Poliphilus, Blado, Centaur and Arrighi, Lucca presents a simple charm and a powerful classic feel. It is cute, friendly, clear and superbly readable.

Its low contrast provides Lucca a firm yet flexible substance, making it sensual and enticing. There’s a certain degree of abstraction in the precise endings, and the whole design was made to survive even in the harshest conditions, conserving its readability and beauty.

Can somebody help with figuring out this inline.


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Unknown sans font

I have no clue

There's a fairly unique looking R, and the H is very wide. Scope the trailer here, they use the typeface throughout the title sequence:

Thanks in advance! I'd also be interested in finding a very similar light typeface that doesn't have such a unique R, but other similar characteristics.


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