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Brisko Sans


Introducing sans serif family called Brisko Sans.

Contains Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and matching Italics for all.

Bold and Bold Italics are available for free and could be downloaded from our website:

P.S. – Godfather of the typeface is Florian Hardwig who was kind enough to come up with really nice name!

Available (or it will be soon) from:


Another first: Yet-to-name geometric sans-serif project.


Dear typophiles,

Half a year ago I wanted to make a logo for myself. After drawing the required letters, I thought: "Maybe I should complete the alphabet." It evolved into quite an obsession from there on. I am now at a point where I'd appreciate some honest feedback on where this got me and push me in the right direction concerning neccessary refinements.

(New Release) Concord - A Fresh New Geometric Sans Serif Typeface from SoneriType


About Concord
Yet another typeface with simplicity as it's core element. Concord is derived from a successful type family 'Accord Alternate' by giving geometric touch to it. Hence Concord is a geometric sans serif. It has large counters which enhance readability. It is available in seven different weights for emphasis.

Available at following websites:

Director - a WIP I need some feedback on (Latin + Hebrew)


Good evening ladies and gents.

To keep it short, I've been working on this typeface for a while and I would be thankful to receive some feedback on it. It's condensed, and the idea came from that cryptic text at the bottom of movie posters that nobody ever reads. Except its purpose is not to be entirely invisible and that the design took many many turns since then.

I realize it looks a bit like URW Grotesk Condensed, although I was actually unaware of that until recently.

So far, I really feel I'm not doing this font a lot of justice - in that, it is too plain, too boring, and has little personality. Or maybe I've just been looking at it for too long. Oh and I made a tz ligature, just because I think it's pretty.

Anyway, here it is:

Suggest a versatile condensed grotesque, please

I'm looking for a versatile and (dare I say it) modern condensed grotesque, mainly for headlines and shorter texts.

I need:

- upper and lowercase
- italics
- A few weights would be nice
- the ability to use as a webfont.

I've been using this as a "placeholder" for now:

Any suggestions?

Best regards

Advice for designing bolder weights?


Hello all!

I'm a graphic designer, and have decided after reading so much on the subject to finally roll up my sleeves and start dabbling with type design myself. I've chosen a simple, upper-case, sans serif display face meant for poster work to start with in order to get myself acclimatized with the process. The results so far have been plenty satisfactory, and I've had a blast fleshing out my type with punctuation, numerals, and accents.

Arsenal free font for Cyrillic and Latin


dear friends typophiles!
i am glad to present you new Arsenal contrast sans typeface. the project wins the contest for ukrainian font by Mystetsky Arsenal foundation and Stairfors design studio (some info in english about it you can find here and here).
so now it is typefamily of four fonts, released under OFL for free download.

interesting that it includes few unusual historic alternates for cyrillic letters (like latin-looking f with double bar for ф or round form for я) from old ukrainian origins.

New Typeface Neuron


We would like to share with the community the release of our lastest project called Neuron.

Neuron is a fresh and modern sans-serif family with a neutral and soft appearance that make it very versatile. Its possibilities are increased not only by the inclusion of true italics but by the coverage of Latin, Central European and Cyrillic characters also. The italic variants have a slight cursive influence but keep their sleekness at the same time.

Best regards,

Sintesi Sans. Sans meets Serif.


Ligatures are typographic finesses for connoisseurs and occur where two or more graphemes are joined to a single glyph. They help preventing the gap between characters, which disturb the reading flow. For a long time ligatures have been reserved to old style fonts, but recently they are experiencing a revival also through sans serif typefaces. The font family Sintesi Sans is equipped with a large amount of ligatures, much more complete than the usual combinations between the minuscules “f” “I”, and “l”.